• Patan dhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal
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    Research on the specific musical styles and techniques of five Gandharva communities across the country,  focusing on the modes of diffusion; the barriers to the traditional modes of transmission; and the study of new methods that can be utilized to allow the Gandharva community to pass down their musical knowledge as a means of livelihood.
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    Love Legends

    Researching and documenting the love legends of Punjab, is an attempt to simultaneously address the geopolitical as well as social contradictions that afflict Southasia in a mass scale today. There has been a need felt for a cultural project in Southasia which brings issues of cross-national and cross-cultural to a level where the mass public can empathise.
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    Archives Southasia

    As part of this initiative, we are working on creating and maintaining an active network of localised archives across the region. The aim is to garner greater recognition of the individual archives, as well as the importance of archiving in general. The ever-growing online database listing private archives and collections of Southasia is a rich resource, especially for historians, scholars, researchers and students.
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    Migrants’ Voices

    Documenting the life stories of Nepali women migrants in the informal sector of India offers a glimpse into how migration affects their daily lives, their families, communities and changing cultures.

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