• Patan dhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Create, Curate, Collaborate: Reflections on Sexual Violence in Southasia

    April 21-24

    Yala Maya Kendra

    Event Info

    Through this exhibition we share our journey of exploring the structural roots of sexual violence against women in four countries of South Asia – Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

    We critically examine prevailing imagery and discourse around gender inequity and challenge the stereotypical depiction of sexual violence on the female and trans body. From an intersectional perspective, we delve into the experiences of Dalit, indigenous, deaf, minority, trans, migrant, women to think through, collaboratively, fresh ways of representing violence and justice.

    We have curated a series of exciting and disruptive visual imagery that provokes new conversations to upend the patriarchal thinking that lies behind the current regressive depiction of sexual violence against women. In this reflective and interactive space, we attempt to move towards more empowering visual language that could intervene in the discourse around gender-based violence and gender justice.

    The exhibition will be housed at Yala Maya Kendra from April 21-24 at Film Southasia.


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