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    “Hri” – a sound or a vibration, the utterance of which awakens the empathy that is an inherent part of every sentient being. Regionalism must no longer remain a prisoner of platitude, since there is a consensus that geopolitical friction, poverty and pressing environmental issues as well as cultural and social dislocation must be addressed through the regional framework.There is a need to revive and energise discussions of regionalism on the platform of mainstream politics, public information and research, with a dynamic Southasian sensibility. Hri emerged out of the need for serious scholarship in the arenas of political and culture over a longer time frame than allowed by journalism. The Hri endeavour, besides engaging in political issues of cross-border relevance, focuses on culture, music, literature and the performing arts. Our diverse projects are an effort to animate the intellectual and cultural space in Southasia, which also finds expression through conferences and networking activities. The Hri Institute is a special partner of the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development(PCF). Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange is a unit of the Southasia Trust, Kathmandu Nepal.

    Film Southasia(FSA)

    Film Southasia (FSA) is a biennial festival that was set up in 1997 with the goal of popularising the documentary so that it entertains, informs and changes lives. In addition to the festival that takes place in Kathmandu every two years, FSA organizes screenings, discussions and workshops across Southasia to promote Southasian non-fiction within the Subcontinent and around the world.

    Himal Southasia(HSA)

    Himal Southasian is Southasia’s first and only regional news and analysis magazine. Stretching from Afghanistan to Burma, from Tibet to the Maldives, this region of more than 1.4 billion people shares great swathes of interlocking geography, culture and history. Yet today neighbouring countries can barely talk to one another, much less speak in a common voice. For two decades, Himal Southasian has strived to define, nurture, and amplify that voice.

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