1. To Search by Keyword/Phrase:
Follow these steps to search by keyword(s) or phrase(s) using the Search Term(s) bar.
a) Select the ‘Match Phrase’ radio button to return a match for an ‘exact phrase’ or, select the ‘Match Word’ radio button to return matches for a word. Searching by keyword will yield higher matches.
b) Enter the keyword / phrase to be searched in the ‘Search’ text
c) Click ‘Search’.

2. To Search using Filters:
a) Filters — Country, State/Region/Province ,City, Type of Collection, Category, Sub-Category allow you to narrow down your search.
b) Use of fewer filters will yield more results.
c) To see a full list of collections available in a particular country, specify only the country in the ‘Country’ field. .
d) Whenyou select the Country, relevant Filters — State/Region/Province, City will be enabled. For example: On selecting‘India’ in the ‘Country’ field, the ‘Region’ Filter will automatically display the states of India. Similarly, when you select a value in the ‘Category’ field, the relevant Filter — Sub-Category will be enabled.

3. To display ALL:
a) Click ‘Search’ without setting any Filters to return a full list of collections.

4. Display Options:
a) Specify the number of results you require displayed in one page by selecting the appropriate value in the ‘Records per page’ field.

5. Note on Categories:
a) International publications: Collections of publications by the following International Organisations -- the United Nations, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and International Monetary Fund are included here. If you would like documents from a particular one of these organizations, select “International Organizations” as the category, then select the appropriate organization in the Subcategory menu.  
b) General: Collections that do not fall under any listed Category are included under the category “General”.

6. To contribute:
To contribute information towards a listed collection or a new collection, please email us at: with all relevant details. Submitted information will be uploaded on verification by Hri Southasian.